Black swans in the media

Television and online

The Black Swans of Melbourne (Weekend Notes, 6 April 2013)
Swans’ serenity masks stress of Grand Prix (VOICE, 11 November 2012)
Dane the swan takes off on a wing (Herald Sun, 21 November 2011)
The secret lives of black swans (VOICE, 10 July 2011)
New love no ugly duckling (Herald Sun, 12 May 2011)
Tracking the secret lives of black swans (Cosmos magazine, 5 May 2011)
Black swan finds new love after mate killed (, 28 April 2011)
Citizen scientists, the black swan needs you (The Conversation, 27 April 2011)
New Dame for Dane the swan (The Age, 26 April 2011)
Visions – University of Melbourne podcast (Episode 98; 21 April 2011)
Not all of Albert Park Lake’s black swans are as graceful as they look (The Age, 24 January 2011)
Black swan – a family tale (Short documentary by Linus Koh, 2011)


PM (ABC, 7 June 2006)

Popular press

Albert Park inhabitants don’t duck for cover (The Age, 18 September 2012)
Swan’s lives take a dive (Herald Sun, 18 May 2012)
Volunteer army signs up for science (The Australian, 20 Oct 2010)
The natural world is on our doorstep, not only in the outback (The Age, 27 March 2010)
Oh, what a let-down (Hobart Mercury, 29 July 2006)
Swanning about with mates (Port Phillip/Caulfield Leader, 13 June 2006)
Sex drive muddies waters of swan lake (The Age, 8 June 2006)
Swan-Lake love hearts (Herald Sun, 8 June 2006)
Black swans’ bit on the side (Daily Telegraph, 8 June 2006)
Black side to swan’s sex life (West Australian, 8 June 2006)
Swans’ wanton ways (Hobart Mercury, 8 June 2006)
Science swansong for rakes of lakes (NT News, 8 June 2006)